Specialized Services

Business Sectors

We have great experience in many different market sectors. We know the special operational, legal, and software requirements for many different types of businesses. These include:

Retail – Point-of-Sale (POS) software and POS hardware such as specialized registers, printers, and supplies

Legal – We know the needs of the legal community, especially around the key closing dates for real estate transactions

Oil & Gas and Geology – A lot of data is required to make great decisions, and we are familiar the unique needs of these industries

Aviation – Customer Service and Flight Management Software is a mandatory requirement for safety’s sake

VOIP and Business Telephones

While we don’t sell phones or phone systems and install them directly (at least not yet), we know great people that do. We have lots of experience with communication providers (phones are just really special computers), and we can provide you with consulting services to meet your communication needs. We can also help you keep any phone transition project on track if needed.